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Control Engineering and Intelligent Systems


The eXiT group is an interdisciplinary research group (code GRCT 41) of the Institute of Informatics and Applications of the University of Girona involved in national and international research and transfer projects.

The main research activity of the group is focused on the application of artificial intelligence principles (data mining and knowledge discovery, qualitative reasoning, case based reasoning, auctions, etc.) in process monitoring and scheduling. Recently this activity has been extended to medical domain to analyse obesity and cancer patterns from historical data.

The members of the group participate in academic activities of the Master's in Smart Cities and lead doctoral thesis in the PhD Program in Technology at the same University.

If you want to get in contact or visit us please see our contact information page.

Research Lines

The members of the group are active in the following research lines of the PhD. Program in Technology of the UdG:

Application Domains

Spin off

NEWRONIA is a Technologic Based Enterprise founded in 2011 as a result of the activity in the eXiT research group of Universitat de Girona to solve optimisation problems

Recogition /Awards